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November 2022

Mette Trauelsen appointed CEO of SOLID Therapeutics

Before being appointed as CEO of SOLID Tx, Mette Trauelsen PhD was postdoc at CBMR/UCPH and head of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology at SOLID Tx. Here she established the in vitro assays and spearheaded the development of the in vivo efficacy cancer models.


September 2022

SOLID Therapeutics receives an Innobooster grant from Innovation Fund Denmark

To expand the preclinical development package, the company receives an Innobooster grant of 1.2 M DKK from Innovation Fund Denmark (under the initial company name Warburg Oncology).


March 2022

SOLID Therapeutics accepted into BII Venture Lab

The company receives a convertible loan of 0.5 M EUR from BII and is accepted into the BII Venture Lab (under the initial company name Warburg Oncology).


February 2022

MedWatch article about SOLID Therapeutics

We are excited to share this MedWatch article about us (under the initial company name Warburg Oncology) and our chair John Haurum.


Read the article here: MedWatch 


April 2020

Cell Metabolism - Preview Article on HCAR1/GPR81 in Immune Evasion

Cell Metabolism paper describing the dual involvement of HCAR1/GPR81 in immune evasion, i.e. 1) upregulating expression of checkpoint ligands on the cancer cells; and 2) downregulating activation of immune cells (dendritic cells).

Lundø et al.  Cell Metab. (2020) 31:666-668. DOI: 10.1016/j.cmet.2020.03.001

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