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The SOLID Team


Mette Trauelsen, PhD

Mette Trauelsen, CEO and co-founder of SOLID Therapeutics, has a background with a MSc in Biotechnology and a PhD in GPCR Pharmacology with focus on metabolite sensing GPCRs. 3+ years postdoctoral experience working on drug discovery within oncology including being head of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology at SOLID Therapeutics (previously Warburg Oncology).


Patrick Johnson, BSc
Head of Medicinal Chemistry



Eliana Goncalves Alves, PhD
Industrial Postdoc




Sofie Liljewall, M.Sc.Eng
Industrial PhD student


Hagop Youssoufian, MD, Adj. Prof.
Advisor, Preclinical Development

Hagop Youssoufian MD, Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Brown University; co-founder of SOLID Therapeutics. Expert clinical oncologist; Elected member of American Society of Clinical Investigation; Strategic advisor for several biotech/pharma companies and Funds; Extensive R&D leadership experience as CMO or President of R&D; Led the development and approval of 10 cancer drugs; Played major roles in the exit and acquisition of biotech companies, including ImClone by Eli Lilly.


Stine Falsig Pedersen, Prof., PhD
Advisor, Cell Biology and TME

Stine Falsig Pedersen, Ph.D., Professor of Cell Biology and Physiology at UCPH; co-founder of SOLID Therapeutics, renowned cell biology researcher focusing on cancer biology; opinion leader in control of tumor microenvironment; member of the Royal Danish Academy of Science and Letters and previously president of the International Society for Cancer Metabolism.


Thomas M. Frimurer, Assoc. Prof., PhD
Advisor, Computational Chemistry

Thomas M. Frimurer PhD, Associate Professor and director of Computational Chemistry Platform at CBMR; co-founder of SOLID Therapeutics, an expert and innovator within structure-based chemical design with 25-year industrial (Novo Nordisk) and biotech (7TM Pharma – Head of Computational Chemistry) experience; serial biotech entrepreneur including co-founder of Ankrin Therapeutics (cancer/DNA repair); holder of multiple patents in drug discovery.

The SOLID Board of Directors


John Haurum, MD, Dphil

John Haurum MD, D.Phil.; co-founder of SOLID Therapeutics, Non-executive Director in various European biotech companies (CatalYm, Adcendo, Synklino, Neophore, Storm, Agomab); was CEO of F-star in Cambridge, UK (2012-2018), building a successful company initiating several clinical trials in oncology and generated more than €200M in non-dilutive revenue; Previously VP of Research at ImClone, NY (2010-2012), and before that CSO and cofounder of Symphogen A/S, Denmark.


Thue W. Schwartz, Prof., MD, DMSci
Member of the Board, Advisor, GPCR Pharmacology

Thue W. Schwartz, MD, D.M.Sc., Professor in Molecular Pharmacology and co-founder of NNF Center for Basic Metabolic Research (CBMR) at UCPH; co-founder of SOLID Therapeutics; 35-year experience in GPCR structural biology, ligand binding and receptor activation, last decade focusing on metabolite sensing GPCRs; member of Royal Danish Academy of Science and Letters; 25 year Biotech experience including co-founding of first DK biotech-focused VC fund, BBU-I financing e.g. Profound, GenMab, and Zealand. Co-founder of own biotech companies, e.g. 7TM Pharma and Embark Biotech.

Claus Haase.jpg

Claus Haase, PhD
Member of the Board

Claus Haase PhD, co-founder of SOLID Therapeutics, currently SVP, Head of Biologic Drug Design at Symphogen. Has 15+ years' experience in immunological drug discovery at pharmaceutical companies including several leadership positions at Novo Nordisk, Ferring and LEO Pharma.


Matthias Wulf
Board Observer, BII



Søren D. Juhl
Board Observer, EIFO


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